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DX Related Pages

ARRL DXCC page has everything you need to know about the award for the DXer.

Western DX Association A new DX Association

The Sunnyvale VEC ARC, Inc. has information on amateur licensing, test schedules and related FCC information.

DXer dot Com is dedicated to everything DX. There are links to all sorts of DX related info.

VE7TCP's DX Pages have many DX related items and info on his mailing lists, including the DX Reflector.

AC6V's Ham & DX Reference Guide - If it's not linked here it probably doesn't exist.

DX Newsletters

ARRL DX Bulletins

Ohio/Penn DX Bulletins

425DX News has their bulletins, latest news and rumors.

Subscription DX Newsletters

The Daily DX, edited by W3UR, keeps you up to date on a daily basis with the very latest DX news and much more. It is delivered to you via e-mail Monday through Friday, 50 weeks a year.

DX Webclusters

Juliet Alpha Webcluster - Latest DX announcements gathered in Japan.

OH2BUA Webcluster - Latest DX announcements gathered in Finland and much more.

Callsign Servers - Stateside

QRZ Callsign Server

WM7D Callsign Server

Buckmaster Callsign Server

Callsign Servers - DX

IK4LZH DX QSL Managers

DX QSL Info - Several databases here.

The Canadian Callbook

CIS Callsign Server for 12 CIS countries (EK, ER, EU, EX, EY, EZ, UK, UN, UR, RA/UA, 4K, 4L)

Estonia Callbook

Unofficial Finish Callbook

South African Callbook - Includes South Africa (ZS), Lesotho (7P), Swaziland (3DA), Namibia (V5), Botswana (A22), Mozambique (C9), Tanzania (5H), Zambia (9J2) and Zimbabwe(Z2)


Part 97 - FCC rules and Regulations for Amateur Radio.

Memorandum Opinion and Order in PRB-1 - The FCC's statement of PRB-1.

General Guidance from the ARRL on PRB-1 and in obtaining a tower permit .

AmateurRadio RF Safety Calculator lets you evaluate your station for compliance with the FCC RF exposure requirements.

N6XD'S Associated ARC'S


CHANNEL ISLANDS CHAPTER (An Old Chapter and now an ARC with a club callsign 'K6CIC'


THE QUAD SQUAD'S HOMEPAGE NR6H The only Homepage in the whole wide world of Ham Radio for Cubical Quads

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